Five reasons why Game of Thrones fans will love Westworld

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Ramin Djawadi composes music for both shows

Here’s an obvious one. Westworld and Game of Thrones share a composer: Ramin Djawadi, who rose to prominence by writing instantly recognizable songs like the Game of Thrones opening theme:

Djawadi’s writing for Westworld is different — he uses fewer strings and more synthesized instruments, for one, and Game of Thrones certainly never featured a player piano arrangement of “Black Hole Sun.” But Djawadi writes music on Westworld with just as much craft and love as he does for Thrones, and shows the same flair for setting different moods, from wistful to epic to eerie. Even the show’s haunting opening theme, while not as famous as the one for Game of Thrones, is well on its way to becoming iconic:

An excellent soundtrack can turn a good show into a great one. Westworld’s soundtrack is in excellent hands.