Westworld creators talk about equal nudity for men and women in the series

Nudity is an integral part of Westworld–and showrunners break down how they plan to create an equal balance between the men and the women on the show

If you’ve seen the first season of Westworld, then you are no stranger to the nudity that is a big part of it. Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are aware of this and strive to keep a balance between the female and male nudity–so as not to outweigh one over the other.

At the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Joy discussed her thoughts on the nudity balance in Westworld.

“Part of what’s been just lovely to watch as a producer on this too is how the nudity isn’t only female on the show, there is also male nudity and it’s funny because we talk about these things in a gendered way because often it is only women who get naked and only women who are vulnerable, but it’s very vulnerable for men to be in as well.”

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Stars Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood along with James Marsden all had nude scenes in the first season. Joy also talked about the willingness of the male co-stars to strip down for a scene, especially considering females take on the task quite often. It is extremely commendable that for a story that requires it, the showrunners are very much aware of their difficult job as creators.

Newton shared her thoughts on the nude scenes she was a part of, praising the showrunners for providing as much comfort as they could give during them. It’s interesting to note that Newton stated she preferred to be naked over wearing her Western “madam” outfit that was more objectifying than being naked. More power to you, girl!

Westworld season two will premiere Sunday, April 22nd on HBO at 9 P.M. EST!