Torchwood: Believe with full original team out today!


Out today, new Torchwood audio story Believe reunites the full original cast, for the first time in ten years!

We’ve had a lot of Torchwood releases from Big Finish. For example, we’ve had monthly stories featuring one or two members of the Torchwood team. We’ve also had Series Five, Aliens Among Us. We even had a special prequel series that focused on Yvonne Hartman with Torchwood One.

But in almost three years of Torchwood audio releases from Big Finish, we haven’t had any stories that featured the entire original team from the first two seasons.

Until now.

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Torchwood: Believe has just been released. And ten years since Series Two finale Exit Wounds, it’s the first time the cast have worked on a Torchwood story together in ten years.

It’s not surprising really. It’s not simply due to the events of the TV series significantly reducing the members of the original team. After all, many of the audios are set during the first two series.

But there’s also the fact that, unsurprisingly, all cast members are incredibly busy working on separate projects. For example, Eve Myles has been working heavily in TV series Keeping Faith. And Ben Gorman can be seen in the blockbuster movie Pacific Rim: Uprising.

So getting a group of talented and incredibly busy actors together was never going to be easy. Eve Myles confirms this in the current issue of Big Finish’s own magazine, Vortex.

"It’s incredibly difficult to get us all in to record at the same time. But we’ve managed to get these important audios out to our fans who have been loyal to us for such a long time."

Thankfully, through a lot of planning and scheduling, Big Finish have finally given us a release with everyone involved. Interestingly, it’s not just Torchwood actors who feature in this, either…

Arthur Darvill

Best known to Whovians for his role of Rory Williams, Arthur Darvill plays a very different character in Torchwood: Believe. He plays the leader of the Church of the Outsiders, the latest threat that the team have to face. In Vortex, director Scott Handcock gives us an idea of just how different this character is to Mr. Pond:

"…we managed to get him in to play a character very, very different from the lovely Rory Williams most listeners might be used to, which I knew would appeal. In the words of Naoko [Mori], he does creepy really well!"

Fans can find out just how creepy Darvill’s character is, and hear the original team together again, by purchasing Torchwood: Believe on download or CD from Big Finish.

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Are you excited to hear the original Torchwood team, back together? Are you a regular follower of the Torchwood audios? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.