Doctor Who Infinity: episode 2 revealed by Tiny Rebel Games!

Tiny Rebel Games have revealed details of the second episode of their upcoming video game, Doctor Who Infinity. And fans of the Classic Series will surely love it, as it’ll feature the Third Doctor and Jo!

Back in September, Tiny Rebel Games announced Doctor Who Infinity, a new RPG video game. From the makers of the popular game Doctor Who Legacy, Infinity will include a mixture of comic book style art, voice acting and puzzle style gameplay. The Dalek Invasion of Time will be the first episode for the series.

Today, we can announce details for the second episode, The Orphans of the Polyoptra. It will be released simultaneously with The Dalek Invasion of Time. However, it looks set to be a very different story.

Narrated by Katy Manning, she’ll be voicing her old role of Jo Grant, the companion to the Third Doctor, as well as the voice of the enemy. Gary Russell will be writing the story, which is very promising news.

Gary Russell has been a veteran of writing Doctor Who across various mediums for a long time. In fact, he used to be the producer at Big Finish Productions. During his time working there, he was the creator of a number of Doctor Who audio stories and spin-offs. So hearing he’ll be writing for this series is very exciting.

David Roach has drawn the artwork for this episode, while Dylan Teague has colored it. Both have previously worked on comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine. As a result, they already have plenty of experience working in the Doctor Who universe.

The Third Doctor and Jo Grant will feature in the second episode of Doctor Who Infinity, The Orphans of the Polyoptra!
(Image credit: Doctor Who/Tiny Rebel Games/Seed Studios/BBC Studios.
Image obtained from official announcement from Tiny Rebel Games.)

Infinite variety

Perhaps the most exciting thing about everything we’ve learned about Doctor Who Infinity so far is the variety. If you’re a fan of the Classic Series, then knowing that the Third Doctor will be featuring in this series must be exciting to hear. (Especially for this writer, who was raised on repeats of Jon Pertwee episodes.)

It’s especially great to know that Infinity will be featuring the Doctors of the Classic Series as well as the New. The show has a vast history, and it should allow Tiny Rebel Games to give us a nice variety of stories.

The fact that different writers and artists will be working on each episode will add to the variety. George Mann, another Doctor Who veteran, will write The Dalek Invasion of Time. Mike Collins will draw the artwork, and Kris Carter will color it.

The opening episode will also feature the voices of Michelle Gomez as Missy, Ingrid Oliver as Osgood, and Bella Ramsey as new villain Freya.

The more that gets revealed about Doctor Who Infinity, particularly the talent that’s working on it, the more exciting it sounds. And we can’t wait to tell you more details, as soon as they’re announced!

You can find out more details about Doctor Who Infinity on Tiny Rebel Games’s official website here.

Are you excited about Doctor Who Infinity? Are you a fan of Jon Pertwee’s Doctor, and are you glad he’ll be featured in an episode? What appeals to you most about this new video game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.