Season 8 filming: A fire blazes in King’s Landing

After months (and months) of construction, the enormous King’s Landing set HBO built on a backlot at Titanic Studios is finally seeing some action! Just recently, we saw what had become of the two stout stone towers to either side of the main gate, both of them exploded and burnt to a crisp:

And the city’s woes are far from over, as a new video posted by Redditor EveryFckngChicken shows a fire burning bright in front of a huge green screen:

True: technically, that fire could be in front of anything — they are using a green screen, after all. But they’re specifically using the green screen they build next to the King’s Landing set, rather than the ginormous one they built at Magheramorne Quarry or any one of several inside Titanic Studios itself. We’re betting that this fire will blaze somewhere within the city, or just outside of it. In any case, the fire is impressively large and angry, based on how high it leaps compared to the guard towers next to it.

What’s causing the fire? Between the ruined and blackened towers and now this, there’s really only one thing it could be: dragons. Whether it’s Daenerys riding Drogon or the Night King astride Viserion, someone is going to light up King’s Landing come this time next year. More as it develops.

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