Age of Heroes: What stories should HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel tell?

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1. The arrival of the First Men

What it is: This isn’t actually part of the Age of Heroes, but rather the Dawn Age. The First Men are literally the first human beings to set foot in Westeros. Until that point, Westeros was populated exclusively by the Children of the Forest (and maybe the giants). We don’t know why the First Men came, or how fast, but they probably came from Essos by way of the not-yet-broken Arm of Dorne, marching under a king some call the First King and others Garth Greenhand.

Why it could be awesome: This could be great because we would get to see the Children’s civilization, if we can call it that, in its original state, undisturbed by humans. By the time we meet the Children on Game of Thrones, they’ve been depleted and living in caves for thousands of years. What was Westeros like when they were in full bloom, with weirwoods aplenty and creatures long extinct roaming the landscape?

Why it could be terrible: Who wants to see a primitive people slowly trickling into a new territory? There’s no action in that, no war, no backstabbing (that we know of). We are talking about a slow migratory process probably best summarized in a montage.

How likely we are to get it: 50% (but only as a brief flashback or introduction)