Power ranking the dragons of A Song of Ice and Fire

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From Drogon to Balerion the Black Dread, the dragons in A Song of Ice and Fire have done some major damage. But which is the most powerful?

Dragons are basically the nuclear option for characters in A Song of Ice and Fire. Need a conflict ended swiftly and incontrovertibly? Bring in a dragon. They’ll make short work of any army or navy opposes you.

But they’re also so much more. Dragons are beautiful, living creatures whose fate is closely tied to the fate of the world they live in, and each of them have a character all their own.

In this article, I’m going to rank some of the many dragons George R.R. Martin has dreamed up, and I’m going to keep their multifaceted nature in mind. In the World of Ice and Fire, more firepower doesn’t necessarily mean that one dragon is more powerful than another. My criterion here is which dragon has the greatest potential military impact. A dragon’s ability to barbecue a huge number of enemy combatants is a factor, but so is their proficiency with fighting other dragons. We’ve also got their track record to consider. If a dragon doesn’t live to achieve its full potential, that’s bad luck — no extra points for what could have been.

For this list, I’m not including any dragons from legend whose existence seems uncertain (maybe the prequel show can fill us in on some of them). I’m not touching sea dragons, either. We’re starting this off with number 10 so as not to bore you guys with a bunch of hatchlings clubbed to death like unfortunate baby seals by an angry mob; full-grown dragons only here.