Game of Thrones holiday ornaments are here, because you can’t plan far enough ahead


As summer winds down, retailers are starting to prepare for the holidays, which I’m pretty sure start in September at this point. The HBO Shop is no exception, and is highlight a number of Game of Thrones-themed ornaments from Kurt Adler, perfect for adorn your Christmas tree or Festivus pole this winter.

The first offering is Daenerys Targaryen, wearing an olive green dress, astride Drogon, who is naked in all his terrifying splendor:

light. Buy Now. Drogon with Daenerys Ornament from Game of Thrones for $24.95

This ornament is five inches tall and made of resin. What better way to celebrate peace and goodwill than with than a depiction of a military leader riding her fire-breathing death lizard?

Next, we have undead Viserion breathing his Wall-melting blue flame; 7.5 inches and made of resin.

Buy Now. Ice Dragon Ornament from Game of Thrones for $24.95. light

All this ornament is missing is an army of undead Elves on the Shelf following it through a breach in your Christmas tree.

Besides Santa Claus himself, is there any character so closely associated with wintertime as the Night King? That makes this ornament (4.75 inches, made of resin) a perfect addition to your box of decorations:

Buy Now. Night King Ornament from Game of Thrones for $19.95. light

And if the Night King is hanging from your tree, you’ll need Jon Snow to fight him. Adler’s take on the King in the North has him wearing brown leather armor and a long dark cape with fur. It’s five inches tall, so it’s almost to scale.

Buy Now. Jon Snow Figure Ornament from Game of Thrones for $24.95. light

What do Daenerys Targaryen, the Night King and Jon Snow all have in common? Their paths may lead to the Iron Throne. This 4-inch ornament is lovingly detailed:

Buy Now. Iron Throne Ornament from Game of Thrones for $14.95. light

Finally, what Game of Thrones holiday decor set would be complete without a complete map of Westeros? For all we know, the people in Westeros still think the world is flat, so this is technologically advanced stuff.

light. Buy Now. Westeros Map Ornament from Game of Thrones for $14.95

The globe is 3.6 inches in diameter and is made of metal, styrofoam and paper mulch. Happy early holiday shopping.

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