Video: Vladimir Furdik (Night King) uses Aquaman’s trident to reenact Viserion’s death


Who says the Night King isn’t a fun-loving guy? Attending the London Film and Comic Con late last month, Vladimir Furdik recreated one of the Night King’s most iconic moments thus far; slaying the dragon Viserion with an ice javelin. And this time, he used Aquaman’s trident. Roll the tape:

Unless Furdik practiced this a few times beforehand, we are impressed at his muscle memory. Aside from the trident (which actually has five prongs, making it a pendent; the more you know), this is almost a beat-for-beat recreation of the Night King’s fateful throw.

Also, since Jason “Khal Drogo” Momoa, the guy who plays Aquaman in the DC movies, was also at the con, we wonder if this was an actual movie prop or just something Furdik picked up somewhere. Either way, all hail the Night King, ruler of the Lands of Always Winter and the Oceans of Men.

I guess we shouldn’t say that Furdik’s throw was a beat-for-beat recreation when he didn’t have all his Night King makeup pancaked on. Below, BGFX workshop supervisor Paul Spateri takes fans behind the scenes just what it takes to get the Night King ready for his closeup:

Anyone have any sympathy for the dragon-killer now that you see the ordeal Furdik has to go through before he’s camera-ready?

You can watch the full version of that video here, where the artists at BGFX go into greater detail on other prosthetics they make for the show.

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