Kevin Smith reveals price plan and launch date for DC Universe, DC’s streaming service

On Wednesday, writer/director/comic book author/nerd icon Kevin Smith hosted a livestream event where he pulled back the curtain on DC’s all-new digital streaming service: DC Universe, yet another service to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and all the other companies eager for your entertainment dollars. If you have two-and-a-half hours to spare, you can watch the full stream below, and we’ll hit all the pertinent info after.

Here are the big bullet points:

  • DC Universe launches on September 15, two weeks from now! Coincidentally, or not, that happens to be Batman Day, which is a thing.
  • It’ll be available on devices like Roku, Apple TV and your computer.
  • The service will run you $74.99 per year. Monthly, it’s $7.99, although there’s a preorder bonus we’ll get to in a bit.
  • The service will include access to comics as well as movies and TV shows.

“I go deep on DC,” Smith enthused. “DC is my religion! It’s how I learned to be moral in this world. Not in church… [but] from reading DC Comics.” Smith will be the first host of DC Daily, a show that will cover varying topics from the world of DC; it’ll feature special guests, prize giveaways and more. Eventually, Smith will rotate out as hosts and be replaced by Tiffany Smith and Hector Navarro.

As for content, DC Universe has a bunch of stuff on the way, including shows based on Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, Swamp Thing and Metropolis as it was before Superman arrived. That’s in addition to a third season of animated show Young Justice and Titans, a live-action show featuring a moody Robin. That one will premiere at New York Comic Con on October 3. Check out the trailer:

You can pre-order DC Universe now. If you do, you get a limited time offer of $74.99 for 15 months, plus a chance to win the Ultimate Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes, which is what it sounds like.

In a market already crowded with streaming services, $74.99 per year may seem a bit steep considering that DC Universe only caters to a select group of fans, but if you’re one of the DC faithful, this could be for you.

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