You’ll soon be able to get drunk at Disneyland and punch C-3PO in his stupid face

In 2019, Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort will open the doors to its newest attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Once inside the Star Wars-themed park, visitors can head on over to Black Spire Outpost, “an infamous stop for traders, adventurers, and smugglers traveling around the Outer Rim and Wild Space.” In the Black Spire, adults and children alike can visit Oga’s Cantina, where the kids can enjoy a tasty kid-friendly beverage while mom and dad get loaded and complain about how much everything costs here, probably. Or, to quote the Disney Parks Blog:

Patrons of the cantina come from across the galaxy to sample the famous concoctions created with exotic ingredients using “otherworldly” methods, served in unique vessels. With choices for kids and libations for adults, the cantina will make for a great stop.

A Disney Parks rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that “libations for adults” does indeed mean alcohol. This means that, for the first time in Disneyland’s 63-year history, guests can buy booze outside of the wildly expensive, invite-only Club 33 in New Orleans Square.

“The hottest trend today in parks and attractions across the country is the inclusion of unique, specialty, craft and themed beverages,” says International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions board of directors member Ken Whiting. “Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will take that to the next level.” In other words, bring on the alien milk:

Oga’s Cantina will also have musical entertainment provided by a droid named RX-24, who gave up a career as a StarSpeeder 3000 pilot at Tomorrowland’s Star Tours to chase his dreams of stardom. But will there be death sticks?

We don’t want to think about how much Disney is going to charge for these drinks, but it’s good to see them acknowledge that the Mad Tea Cups are a lot more fun to ride plastered. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be up and running in 2019, adult libations and all.

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