Top 10 wildest Game of Thrones fan theories ahead of season 8

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Westeros is a robot theme park, just like Westworld

And speaking of implausible theories…

So if you haven’t seen it, Westworld is an HBO show about a futuristic theme park where robotic “hosts” cater to human guests. The hosts come in many varieties, each with their own separate park, all of them operated by Delos Incorporated. The hosts in Westworld simulate people from the Old West, the hosts in Shogun World are modeled after figures from Japan’s Edo period, and so on. And could the hosts in Medieval World behave just like our favorite characters on Game of Thrones?

Some fans have entertained this theory, including YouTuber Bat_Man_10_11:

Well, Game of Thrones and Westworld are on the same network, so that’s a point in this theory’s favor…

But seriously, this theory is about as likely to come true as the Night King revealing that he only wanted to invade Westeros because he left his keys on the other side of the Wall. Although if this DID happen, few would see it coming, least of all the characters. Imagine Jon having to deal with the fact that he’s a robot, and so soon after learning he’s a Targaryen. Expect the unexpected!