Westworld: 10 things you didn’t know about Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is a force to be reckoned whether it’s her role as Dolores on Westworld or when she’s belting out a tune on stage.

Westworld gave Evan Rachel Wood a platform on which she has gone on to be a marvelous and beloved superstar. We adore and fear her as Dolores but outside of Westworld, Wood has many talents which include singing, touring, and her many philanthropic efforts.

And while we think we may know everything about her, there are so many facets and interesting facts about this incredible star and we are here to tell you all about them! Are you ready for it?

  • She is not a fan of her middle name–yes, seriously. In fact, she uses it simply so casting directors don’t confuse her gender.
  • She starred in the controversial film, Thirteen, back in the early 2000’s alongside Nikki Reed, with whom she shares a friendship with to this day.
  • She once dated singer Marilyn Manson on-again off-again until their final split in 2011. Wood was the inspiration for his song, “Heart-Shaped Glasses” and can be seen in the music video.
  • She’s an amazing singer and found this passion during her days of musical theatre. Seriously, this girl can sing.
  • This Westworld star has a black belt in Taekwondo. But, are we really that surprised?

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 07: Evan Rachel Wood attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

  • At some point, Wood was so shy at some point that ordering pizza over the phone was something she struggled with doing.
  • She gave birth to her one and only child at home without the help of any Western medicine (see, we told she’s a badass).
  • David Bowie is her biggest inspiration and in his honor, she got a lightning bolt tattoo.
  • She was home-schooled and got her high school diploma at the age of 15.
  • She comes from a family of actors!
    • Father was local director of Theatre in the Park
    • Mother is an actress and acting coach
    • One of her brothers is an actor
    • Her aunt, Carol Winstead Wood, is a Hollywood production designer

Are you surprised by any of the Evan Rachel Wood facts above? Share your favorite in the comments below!