The end is come—Kit Harington has shaved his Game of Thrones beard


Well, Game of Thrones fans, the end is nigh. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) has shaved off his once lustrous beard.

"Beard is gone from freefolk"

Harington debuted his baby face in a reel of actors wishing a happy birthday to the late British playwright Harold Pinter, ahead of a charity gala held in his honor.

For reference, here’s Harington’s bearded face from just over a week back:

Why does this matter? Just last month, Harington said he wouldn’t cut his hair in case reshoots were needed for the final season of the show. “I haven’t been allowed to touch it for years,” he said. And while shaving his beard isn’t quite the same thing as lobbing off his flowing locks, it does mean he can no longer play Jon Snow as he’s come to look over the past several seasons, meaning reshoots are probably over. Queue the tears.

We haven’t seen Harington clean-shaven on Game of Thrones since the very early days of the show, when all the Stark children shaved ahead of King Robert’s visit to Winterfell.

We suppose Harington could still do reshoots as Jon Snow; he hasn’t shaved off the hair on his head, after all, and that’s always been more closely associated with Jon than his beard. And Harington did say that any reshoots would likely be done in front of a green screen. But that means they’d have to digitally insert his beard, and then you’re in Henry Cavill territory, which is good or no one.

Or he could…he could what a face wig.

But anyway, let us mourn together. Here’s to Kit Harington’s facial hair. We will never see its like again.

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