Google is partnering with Game of Thrones to sell Chromebooks


The Night King’s attack and subsequent destruction of a section the Wall in the Game of Thrones season 7 finale was all made possible by coordinating each carefully planned move with his White Walker lieutenants and the newly recruited dead, all by using Google’s Chromebook, apparently. Or, that’s how an all-new ad campaign for the product would like us to believe it happened, and it’s actually a pretty genius marketing plan, with some fun sidebits for fans of the show, as well.

There’s a lot to unpack from that ad, but thankfully, Google broke it all down already, so we don’t have to go back and try and enhance a YouTube screen to 200% just to get an idea of what’s going on. By partnering with HBO/Game of Thrones, Google was able to come up with some pretty clever slides on the Night King’s personal Chromebook that shows his “New Recruit Orientation: Getting to the Wall” slides, and the whole thing is just plain fun to read through.


Children of the Forest Funko Pop! Figure from Game of Thrones
Children of the Forest Funko Pop! Figure from Game of Thrones /

Children of the Forest Funko Pop! Figure from Game of Thrones

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There’s a slide for “So You’re Undead: Now What?” that directly leads into the next slide that starts off with “You Probably Have Lots of Questions.” Well, yes actually, but the part about why you killed me, in particular, isn’t in the informational New Recruit orientation packet handed out when I woke up. Wights with more questions not answered in the orientation are encouraged to send an email to “” Be right back, sending an email. Here are a couple of other gems:

  • “Where are we going? Please just follow the person in front of you.”
  • “Recruitment up 400%”
  • “Why the Wall? Training ground for recent hires: Wildlings joining us from Hardhome will get a chance to experience how we do things.”
  • “Equipment Policy: Everyone takes turns carrying the chains.”

At least those chains were addressed in a fun way. There are a lot more slides to go through, and they are highly enjoyable. So head on over and check it all out now.

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