River Song will face the Sontarans, the Ogrons and Drashigs next year!

In 2019, River Song will have to face Sontarans, Ogrons and Drashigs, as she crosses over into the events of the classic Doctor Who story Carnival of Monsters!

Following the announcements of her facing Magnus Greel and the Yeti next year, Big Finish have made another announcement regarding the sixth series of River Song’s spinoff. The previously announced stories will be set either before or during classic Doctor Who adventures, and the third announced episode is no different.

Peepshow, written by Guy Adams, will be set during the classic Third Doctor serial Carnival of Monsters. In that story, the Third Doctor and Jo are trapped inside the Miniscope while trying to escape from Drashigs. But there were more than just Drashigs trapped inside the Miniscope, as River finds herself caught in a battle between the Sontarans and the Ogrons!

I’m curious to see what this episode will be like. I’ll admit, Carnival of Monsters isn’t exactly one of my favorite Third Doctor stories. But at the same time, it’s not bad, and it does have some fantastic ideas. It’s also the first story after the Doctor’s exile on Earth was lifted in The Three Doctors, so it’s certainly a key story.

It’s simply a light-hearted adventure that can get overshadowed compared to stories as loved as The Web of Fear or The Talons of Weng-Chiang, so I’m surprised it was chosen as the third classic adventure for River to cross over into. But the addition of Sontarans and Ogrons fighting each other sounds fantastic.

In 2019, River Song will be crossing over into the classic Third Doctor adventure Carnival of Monsters, where she’ll have to face the terrifying Drashigs!
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River’s companion

Along the way, River will have her very own companion, in the form of security guard Dibbsworth, played by Clive Wood. Guy Adams describes what River’s new companion is like:

I liked the idea of giving River a companion… I liked the idea of creating a companion who would be absolutely terrified, but then approach everything with a bizarre middle-England relaxed air about them!

It sounds like quite an unusual match for River, and I can’t wait to hear these two in action!

The sixth series of The Diary of River Song will be released on CD and download in August next year. With three of the stories announced, there’s just one more left. What will be the last Doctor Who story that River will cross over into? I’m excited to find out.

Are you a fan of Carnival of Monsters? Out of the episodes announced so far for series six, which are you most excited about? And how do you think River will get along with the Sontarans and the Ogrons? Let us know in the comments below.