Actor Toby Osmond to play a “royal role” in Game of Thrones season 8?



We may have new casting news about the final season of Game of Thrones. Over the ever-useful Freefolk RedditEveryFckngChicken has directed attention towards the Spotlight CV of actor Toby Osmond. Osmond wrote something very interesting in his bio:

"Earlier this year completed filming a great royal role in the next (and final) series of an epic network fantasy saga (airing Spring 2019)."

Now, we’re not psychics, and Osmund isn’t explicit, but we don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that the final season of the epic fantasy saga airing in the spring of 2019 he’s talking about is Game of Thrones season 8. Also there are photos of him hanging out with cast and crew members. So yeah, meet Toby Osmund, Game of Thrones star.

Osmond is an experienced actor with credits in film (Stairs, Black Site), television (Henry VIII and his six wives) and on stage. Check out his reel:

So who might Osmond be playing? Let’s try and piece it together.

In September, Game of Thrones leaker extraordinaire Frikidoctor described an upcoming scene filmed at the ruins of Italica in Seville, Spain. Those ruins stood in for the Dragonpit in season 7, so it looks like we’re going back there in season 8. Per Frikidoctor, this scene will feature two characters we haven’t met yet. one of whom will be wearing golden armor or a golden outfit. Reportedly, Osmond will play him.

All of this makes Frikidoctor think that Osmond will play a Dornishman. That would make sense given Osmond’s coloring — he lists himself as having a “Mediterranean” appearing on his CV. And we’ve known Dornish characters to wear gold before.


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Osmond himself adds in the wrinkle of his role being “royal.” He could just be using the word descriptively, as in, his character carries himself well, or the show has a kingly pedigree. Or he could mean he’s literally playing a Dornishman of noble birth.

The Martells have traditionally ruled Dorne, but so far as we know, they’ve been exterminated. The Mountain killed Oberyn, Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes finished off Prince Doran Martell and his son Trystane, and now even the Sand Snakes themselves are either dead or rotting below the Red Keep. In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, Doran has another son named Quentyn Martell, but he hasn’t been mentioned on TV. Perhaps Game of Thrones is bringing him out of retirement. Or maybe Osmond is playing a member of another noble Dornish family. After all, if the Martells really are gone, someone’s gotta run the country.

Thanks to Joe Weaver for alerting us to this! What do you guys think?

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