Check out the first photo from the set of Game of Thrones season 8!


Game of Thrones news just keeps rolling in this week. Earlier, we learned of two actors who had officially come on board HBO’s prequel show, and now Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first official photo from the set of season 8, smack dab on the cover of its latest issue. It’s Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, done up as the King in the North and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen:

Jon and Dany are looking pretty cozy, aren’t they? We’re guessing their relationship will prove crucial in the final season. Game of Thrones writer and producer Bryan Cogman teased what we can expect from it:

"It’s about all of these disparate characters coming together to face a common enemy, dealing with their own past, and defining the person they want to be in the face of certain death. It’s an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season and I think it honors very much what [author George R.R. Martin] set out to do — which is flipping this kind of story on its head."

Characters acting in the face of “certain death,” “incredibly emotional,” “haunting,” “bittersweet”…it’s going to be an interesting six episodes.

Let’s zero in on the photo for a second. Daenerys is wearing the white winter coat she donned in “Beyond the Wall” from season 7, but it looks like it’s gotten an upgrade, with red lines of fur running up and down the sleeves.

Speaking to EW, Clarke hints that things are a little different for season 8, including the costumes. “[Camera] checks take longer, costumes are a bit better, hair and makeup a bit sharper — every choice, every conversation, every attitude, has this air of ‘this is it.’ Everything feels more intense.” Now we’re talking. Also, those red gloves? We dig it.

Harington agreed that the season 8 shoot, which took longer than usual despite there being fewer episodes than before, was unique. “It’s relentless; scenes that would have been a one-day shoot five years ago are now a five-day shoot. They want to get it right, they want to shoot everything every single way so they have options.”

Time to get excited, Game of Thrones fans.

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