HBO and Hasbro releasing new Game of Thrones-themed Monopoly

With around five months to go until the premiere of Game of Thrones season 8, HBO and Hasbro have teamed up to bring us the perfect way to pass the time: Game of Thrones Monopoly.

Of course, other versions of GoT Monopoly exist. Per HBO, this updated take “integrates elements of the hit series into gameplay using tokens and properties inspired by the show.” Like any game of Monopoly, players will traverse the board, in this case buying and selling properties using tokens modeled after the sigils of the great houses of Westeros. (Dibs on the Lannister lion.) Hasbro Brands president Jonathan Berkowitz sounds more like Stark direwolf man:

HBO has an incredibly robust and passionate fan base for the GAME OF THRONES series, and we’re excited to offer yet another way for these fans to connect with the brand. The board, the tokens, the money, and even the game pieces are derived directly from the show, ensuring GAME OF THRONES fans can be transported into the world of Westeros through an engaging and authentic MONOPOLY experience.

Thrones-y touches include an Iron Throne card holder that plays Ramin Djawdi’s epic opening score and holdfasts and castles in place of hotels and houses.

The new version of Game of Thrones Monopoly will be on store shelves January 2019, which means you should be able to squeeze in at least one game before season 8 starts. Suggested retail price is $29.99. You can also pre-order it at Walmart,  GameStop, Amazon and the HBO Shop.

With all the back-stabbing and murder plots it inspires (at least at my house), Monopoly is a good fit for Game of Thrones. Way for Hasbro to bounce back after that ill-received “Monopoly for Millenials” disaster.

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