Video-sharing platform AirVūz spotlights drone footage of Game of Thrones shooting locations


AirVūz is a video-sharing platform built for the drone community. Drones have been a friend to many a Game of Thrones fan over the years, as they’ve been used to scope out the sets in the middle of filming, to the point where HBO bought some kind of sci-fi laser cannon to stop them from spying on the set of season 8. But drones can be used for non-invasive purposes, too. Case in point: AirVūz is spotlighting dozens of drone videos of Game of Thrones filming locations ahead of the show’s final episodes, helpfully organized by season and continent.

Want to see locations from the first season, including Doune Castle in Scotland, one of the first locations to stand in for Winterfell, and the now-collapsed Azure Window in Malta, which can be seen in the background of Drogo’s wedding to Daenerys in the very first episode? Head here. Or how about season 5, which featured such locations as the Fortress of Klis in Croatia, which stood in for the city of Meereen, and the bullring in the Spanish city of Osuna, where the crew filmed Drogon’s attack on the gladiatorial games. It’s all here.

And there’s a lot more where that came from. AirVūz is so excited by the videos that it’s adding a new category for its Drone Video Awards: “Game of Drones,” which will honor the best aerial footage of a Game of Thrones shooting location.

Feel free to peruse AirVūz’s video collection at your leisure. HBO has shot in a wide variety of beautiful locations over the past several years, and gliding above them from the safety of your couch could help bridge the gap between now and the April premiere of season 8.

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