Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) doesn’t think Game of Thrones should have a happy ending


Since getting executed in the season 7 finale, former Game of Thrones star Aiden Gillen has been keeping busy, playing producer John Rein in Bohemian Rhapsody and portraying astrophysicist/alien enthusiast J. Allen Hynek on History’s upcoming Project Blue Book.

But for at least a while longer, Gillen is best known for playing the slimy Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish on Game of Thrones. With the final season approaching, Entertainment Tonight was curious to get Gillen’s thoughts on the ending. He said he “honestly doesn’t know” how the story will conclude, but he knows what he wants. “I always thought it’d be nice for it to have a happy ending,” he said. “But I can’t imagine that would be appropriate…[Hopefully] it’s something unexpected.”

I dunno; I think it could be appropriate for a show that made a habit of killing of main characters to end on a down note. Cast members like Gwendoline Chrisite (Brienne) have said that viewings will “need therapy” after the show’s final season, so it may not be as far off the mark as Gillen thinks.


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Gillen assures ET that, on the Game of Thrones, no one knew how it would all end before seeing the season 8 scripts, although there was plenty of chatter, among cast members and fans alike. “There were stories about George R.R. Martin leaving secrets in vaults with combinations and all of that,” he said. “I know it adds to the allure, but the fact that so many people have so many expectations hinging on it and so many people are interested, it’s this huge global storytelling phenomenon.”

"It’s pretty fascinating. The fact that I was actually part of it for a number of years is kind of mind-blowing, as a big player in George Martin’s fantastic world."

That said, Gillen never fooled himself into thinking that Littlefinger would make it to the end. “If you couldn’t see that coming…”

As for what’s next, Gillen is looking forward to playing a different sort of character in Project Blue Book. “So many people saw Game of Thrones and a character that’s cold and manipulative. It’d be nice to be known, hopefully, for not as a scheming evildoer.”

Project Blue Book premieres Tuesday, Jan. 8 on History. The final season of Game of Thrones lands sometime in April.

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