20 Game of Thrones filming locations in real life

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /
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Want to know what some of the most important Game of Thrones settings look like in real life? Take out virtual tour of the show’s filming locations.

Ever tuned in to Game of Thrones and wished you could spend a night at Winterfell? Ever wondered what life is like beyond the Wall? Perhaps you hated the Dornish subplot but still wished you could see those beautiful Water Gardens in real life?

HBO has shot Game of Thrones all over the world, filming in exotic locations in a wide variety of countries. Many of these locations don’t look too different from how they’re seen on TV, give or take some CGI and people standing around in armor. It’s instantly immersive.

If you want to see some of these locations up close, chances are pretty good that you could book a tour. But if don’t have the time, other fans have gone on ahead. Today, we take a look at 20 different Game of Thrones filming locations, each very different from the last, and compare how they look in real life to how they look on television. So come on our virtual tour, see where the show has been, get excited for where it’s going, and perhaps get inspired to plan your own trip!