Thank the Seven, more fan-made posters for Game of Thrones season 8

HBO recently released the first official teaser for the final season of Game of Thrones, but neither we nor the fans are satisfied. With four months to go until season 8 debuts, fans have continued to create their own stunning posters for the grand finale, and we’re here to curate them. Check out some of the new ones:

First a clarification: April 21 is not an official date (although it’s a good guess). Second, while the art is great, are we the only ones who kind of wish there is no Iron Thrones when all is said and done? We’d love to see it melted down and made into nails or something useful.

Now we’re talking. Daenerys looks great here, although winter will definitely be a difficult change of pace for her. For the great bulk of the series, she’s been learning to be in a leader in the deserts of the east. Also, there are zombies everywhere now.

That looks like the Eyrie, which if you ask us is the perfect place to make a final stand against the undead. Station your troops at every level of the mountain while your dragons fly around and blast any climbers off the side.

These posters take inspiration from HBO’s #ForTheThrone campaign and might be the most accurate of the bunch. We know there’s going to be a big battle at Winterfell, which should naturally lead to piles and piles of bodies, at least until the Night King does his arm-raising thing.

Anyone else getting a Westerosi postcard vibe from this one? In any case, it’s a good depiction of just how screwed our heroes are.

If we don’t see Ghost in season 8, we riot. Aside from that, we love the juxtapositions going on in this poster.

This might be my favorite one. What a moment it is going to be when Dany finally comes face to face with the Night King and his new pet.

If Jon becomes a White Walker, expect angry mobs to show up outside the HBO offices.

If you liked any of the artwork you saw above, reach out to the artists and let them know!

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