At the WiC Club: Sansa and Daenerys—A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?


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When it comes to Game of Thrones, there’s a lot to talk about these days. The latest thing everyone is buzzing about are the few seconds of new season 8 footage HBO tucked away in the 2019 sizzle reel it debuted at this weekend’s Golden Globe Awards. Daenerys Targaryen arrives at Winterfell with her new ally/lover/secret nephew Jon Snow. She introduces herself to Sansa Stark, who cedes control of Winterfell to her…although she doesn’t look thrilled about it.

Game of Thrones fans have immediately begun breaking the clip apart, with many foreseeing tension between Daenerys and Sansa. In this week’s Patreon-exclusive article, we explore how the two could become adversaries, but also how they could work together. Here’s an excerpt:

"I expect Sansa will caution Jon against trusting Daenerys fully, which could be complicated by the revelation that Jon and Dany are now lovers. And THAT could be complicated by the revelation, sure to be swift in coming, that Jon and Dany are actually nephew and aunt, and that Jon has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. If Sansa wants to, she’ll have plenty of wedges to drive between these two.But will she want to? I could get behind Sansa and Dany becoming adversaries; the building blocks are there. But I think it’s just as likely they could forge a good working relationship. After all, their journeys have more than a few things in common. Like Sansa, Daenerys began the show powerless, a bargaining chip married off to a violent stranger. Fortunately for Dany, Khal Drogo was a much more accommodating fiancé than Joffrey. It was a long while before Sansa even had a chance to take on a leadership role, but Dany, given more opportunities, quickly found she had a knack for it.In the end, both of these characters fought their way out of corners to become formidable movers and shakers. If they have time to appreciate that between the power plays and zombie attacks, they could make an excellent team."

The future is alive with possibility. If you’d like to read more, and check out everything else the WiC Club has to offer, click here!


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