Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) gives his take on who will win the game of thrones

Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon, to put it lightly. And with the final season around the corner, fans are busy anticipating and theorizing. No one knows what the eighth season will bring, but we’re pretty sure all manner of icy hell is about to break loose.

Recently, Aidan Gillen aka Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger, spoke with Nerdist about who he feels will win the game of thrones in the end. Obviously, he’s out of the running thanks to Arya Stark eliminating him in the season 7 finale. It was about time for Littlefinger to go, don’t you think?

As it ends up, Gillen doesn’t think anybody will end up on the Iron Throne. At this point, he’s only watching to see if Davos Seaworth is eaten by a shark. He explains below:

Realistically, Gillen is hard-pressed to predict how the series will end. And as far as how it will end, he doesn’t feel like he can quite predict it. With characters coming back from the dead, he thinks it’s become a “different game.” So can we cross our fingers for Catelyn or Ned Stark on the throne, then?

Gillen may not know how the show ends (or so he claims), but he is well aware of the show’s penchant for surprise. He’s certain Thrones won’t fail fans on that front.

You know, I don’t want to trivialize. I think that the story has been an immensely involving thing for hundreds of millions of people around the world and it has packed an enormous emotional punch and people have invested so much in it. And that’s all a result of getting to know these people, characters, really intimately, and what’s in their hearts and what their dreams and desires and fears are. So that’s what going to make it in the end. I just have no idea where they are going to go with it though.

Who do you think of Gillen’s (non)predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, April 14th on HBO.

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