The Pack Survives: Stark Symbolism in the new season 8 teaser trailer

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HBO has released a third third short-but-sweet look at the final season of Game of Thrones, and it looks like the promotional team is sticking with the symbolic approach.

Although the focus of the new teaser trailer is on Jon, Sansa, and Arya rather than the cast at large, the statues in the crypts seem to serve the same purpose as the faces in season 6’s “Hall of Faces” teaser: they foretell doom for our heroes.

Of course, considering that Jon will come to learn the identity of his mother, Lyanna Stark, sometime in season 8, it’s feasible that some kind of revelatory scene will take place in the Winterfell crypts, but for now, I’m treating this teaser as largely symbolic. Let’s look at some of those symbols and what they can tell us about what’s to come in the final season.