Game of Thrones single malt scotch whiskey collection available for pre-order


Last year, HBO teamed up with British fine beverage company Diageo to create a line of Game of Thrones single malt scotches modeled after the Great Houses of Westeros. The Targaryen scotch, the Tyrell scotch, the Tully scotch…everyone was accounted for, and everyone was delicious. To prove their quality, I now present this video of myself and Cheryl Wassenaar of Culturess sampling these fine spirits:

Diageo made these whiskies in limited quantities, but you can finally pre-order them for yourself, at least in some European countries. Check out the Amazon links below:

And if you don’t live in an area where these are shipped, go ahead and search for the Game of Thrones whiskies on, which can tell you where near you they’re being sold or served.

Drink responsibly.

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