At the WiC Club: The season 8 statue teaser, theory and counter-theory


Here at WiC, we bring you hot takes and up to the minute news about Game of ThronesA Song of Ice and Fire, genre fiction and more. At the WiC Club, we’re doing much the same thing, only the takes are hotter, the video content more robust, and everybody gets free stuff like stickers and tee-shirts, plus the change to participate in monthly contests to win swag.

We also write extra articles for our members. With the latest teaser trailer for season 8 still fresh in our minds — the one where the Stark children come face to face with their own grave markers in the crypts under Winterfell — naturally we wrote about that. There are a lot of theories swirling out there about what it all means. In this week’s WiC Club-exclusive article, we go through them one by one, judging how much water they hold.

Personally, I’m of the opinion fans may be overthinking this particular teaser, and I don’t blame them. Here’s an excerpt:

"Some fans have opined that Statue Jon looks older than Statue Arya and Statue Sansa, meaning that Jon will live vastly outlive his sisters. Those two will die in season 8 while they’re still young and beautiful, while Jon will live on to eventually look like a lumberjack who fell asleep on an axe.I think this may be one of those “the simplest explanation is the right one” situations. I don’t think Jon’s statue looking worse indicates anything beyond the prop department running out of time. I don’t even think Statue Jon looks particularly old; it’s just that his hair looks white when cast in stone.Also, even if Jon’s statue is supposed to look older, it’s quite a jump from that to assuming it means he’s going to outlive his sisters.Theory Rating: Ageism/76"

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San Francisco Giants Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon Bobblehead
San Francisco Giants Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon Bobblehead /

San Francisco Giants Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon Bobblehead

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