At the WiC Club: “Fixing” Game of Thrones—The Dornish Question


Over at the WiC Club, we’re giving WiC readers extra articles and videos about topics near and dear to our hearts, one of which is most definitely the ins and outs of Game of Thrones. We’re also giving away prizes and tee-shirts and stickers; stop by to see what’s up.

In one series of articles, we’re looking at some of the less-than-perfect stretches of Game of Thrones and offering our completely unsolicited and unhelpful advice as to how they could have been improved. We already featured articles about Ramsay Bolton’s “20 good men” plan, Jon Snow’s murder, and the rise of the Sparrows. This week, we tackle a whopper of a subject: the Dornish plotline in season 5.

This one is tricky, because there’s no one thing wrong with this story you can point to and say, “Ah, here’s the problem.” It’s more like the whole thing is just kind of…ugh. Why are the Sand Snakes so dull? Why is everybody’s plan to abscond with Myrcella so stupid? Would it have helped if the characters more closely resembled their book counterparts? Or should HBO have gone even further in another direction? In this article, we try and untangle these questions, all while keeping in mind that we owe everyone who works on Game of Thrones a lot of respect for all their hard work.

The Dornish plot is probably the most consistently disliked aspect of the show, so this took from doing…and we didn’t even touch on the Dornish stuff from season 6. There’s time yet. To read more, head on over to the WiC Club!


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