These companies will pay you to watch and talk about Game of Thrones

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Imagine if watching and talking about Game of Thrones was your job. Picture it: you get a paycheck to chat people up about how epic the show is, and you get to do it at some of the most iconic filming locations from the series. We may have something that interests you.

TBL International, a venue/event management company, is looking for people to staff a Game of Thrones exhibition in the Titanic Quarter in Northern Ireland, where much of the series has been filmed lo this past decade. The company is looking to fill 150 positions for a variety of jobs in ticketing, hospitality, retail, and visitor experience. Fans that are well-versed in the world and mythology of Thrones will obviously have a leg-up on other applicants. If you’re in the area (or if you’re not and just can’t pass this up), you can apply right here.


New York Mets Game Of Thrones Kingsguard Bobblehead
New York Mets Game Of Thrones Kingsguard Bobblehead /

New York Mets Game Of Thrones Kingsguard Bobblehead

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After pre-registering and securing a spot, applicants must give a three-minute presentation to show off your passion and how well you communicate. It sounds daunting, but if you’re a hardcore fan you have nothing to worry about; just free-associate about Robert’s Rebellion for a bit. A showcase for prospective employees will be held on February 22 and 23 at the MAC Belfast.

And TBL International isn’t the only company looking to pay people for the very useful skill of knowing Game of Thrones well. U.K. telecommunications company NOW TV is looking to give someone £35,000 (around $45,716) to binge-watch TV shows for a year as part of a marketing stunt. You have to be a U.K. resident to participate. If you are, here’s how to enter.

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