Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) praises Game of Thrones for ending with “integrity”


The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14, but who wants to wait that long? Everyone is asking the cast members to give their takes on the final six episodes ahead of time, including The Sun Online, which caught up with Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) at a performance of La Bohème at the English National Opera.


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“It’s going to be amazing and better than any series we have had so far,” she said. “It does the final series justice, it is so brilliant. It’s bittersweet, I think it’s come to its natural end.”

Emmanuel, much like her character, has always been well-spoken when talking about the final season, hyping it up but never giving away sensitive details. She pivoted to talking about her personal experience on the show, and how it’s getting out of the game before it overstays its welcome:

"We had such a beautiful time and we have such an amazing cast that has been through so much together. As sad as it is, I think they have not — sometimes with a TV show or anything — it gets to the point where it loses its quality and we have managed to maintain such a high quality and people still want it. But they are only telling it in the number of hours they need and telling it how they want to tell it. I think there is a real integrity to that and I completely support that and I am sad it’s ending, because I don’t get to go back and work with my friends next year or this year, so that’s sad but I think it’s a good time to. It’s an end of an era."

I know there are some fans who think Game of Thrones did lose a bit of quality as it aged, and I see some of their points, but it’s still very much the show I signed up for and entertains me like few others can. Assuming it sticks the landing, I think it will always be remembered as one of history’s great television series. I’m with Emmanuel: good on Game of Thrones for bowing out while it’s still at the top of its game.

For Emmanuel, the ending must be surreal given how big a part of her life this show has been. “It literally changed my career, I was working in retail when I got that job,” she remembers. “I was out of work — a very out of work actor. I was paying the bills as you do!””

Wait, she was out of work and she was working in retail? Whatever, the point is that it changed her life. The final season drops on April 14.

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