At the WiC Club: How Fire & Blood sets up the end of Game of Thrones


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Here’s a snippet of a new article that went up this week, all about the interplay between Fire & Blood — George R.R. Martin’s volume of Targaryen history released last year — and HBO’s own Game of Thrones. Martin explores a lot of fascinating people and events in this book, from the long reign of King Jaeherys the Conciliator to the Pact of Ice and Fire made during the Dance of Dragons to the mysteries beyond the Wall. Martin isn’t an author who writes things idly, and we got to wondering if some of the things in Fire & Blood might foreshadow the events of the final season of Game of Thrones, set to air in April, or of Martin’s own Song of Ice and Fire series, set to drop in…god only knows.

Anyway, here’s a sample:

"King Jaeherys also helps his family (depending on your definition of “help”) by convincing the Faith of the Seven to allow Targaryens to marry each other under the Doctrine of Exceptionalism. The doctrine allows Targaryens — and only Targaryens — to marry brother to sister, aunt to nephew, and uncle to niece, so that they can keep the bloodlines pure. If Jon and Dany decide to marry in season 8, before or after Jon’s lineage is revealed, the Doctrine of Exceptionalism will be their shield.Also of note: part of how Jaeherys convinces the High Septon to follow the Doctrine of Exceptionalism is by arguing that only people of Targaryen blood can bond with and ride dragons. With his Targaryen blood, this could mean that Jon will ride a dragon before the series is over."

There are a lot more interesting little bread crumbs Martin leaves in the text of Fire & Blood that could lead to a revelation on TV or in the Song of Ice and Fire books. If you’re interested in reading more (or watching more, or winning more), head on over to the WiC Club. We’d love to see you.


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