Vikings season 6 could debut sooner than you think

Vikings recently concluded its 20-episode fifth season on History, to mixed reviews. There were some good moments, but lead characters like Floki (Gustaf Caspar Orm Skarsgård) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) were shuffled to the sidelines so Ragnar’s sons could have more room to try and kill each other.

However, with one more season left, there’s still time for a comeback. Lagertha features prominently in the season 6 teaser, so fans can look forward to seeing more of actor Winnick strutting her stuff.

Winnick took to her Instagram Stories and shared a photo of her looking over her laptop. The photo shows the opening sequence of the show and the words “Directed by Katheryn Winnick” in the bottom of the screen. Winnick tagged the photo with “Coming soon…”, “#Director,” and “#Vikings.”

If Winnick already had time to direct an episode, and she watch it in some form on her laptop, Vikings season 6 can’t be that far off. The first 10 episodes could start as early as October or November of this year, with the final 10 airing in February or March of 2020. There’s always been at least a year to wait between seasons before, so that would be a nice change.

So far as the story of season 6 goes, Winnick dropped some vague hints during a Twitter Q&A ahead of the season 5 finale:

“She will face her destiny.” Could that be referring to the old seer’s prophecy that she would be killed by a son of Ragnar?

And if you were wondering if Lagertha would find a new shield and become a Shield Maiden again, Winnick has your answer:

Bring it.

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