Three things you might have missed in those new Game of Thrones pics

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HBO recently released a bevy a new photos from Game of Thrones season 8, giving us our first look at what characters not named Sansa, Jon or Daenerys will get up to in the final batch of episodes (although those there are here, too). The pics didn’t reveal much in terms of plot, but when have we ever needed a lot to go on?

Aside from Cersei, and perhaps Jaime, all the characters in these photos look to be at Winterfell, so let’s start there.

1. The Unsullied at Winterfell

In their three photos, Sansa, Davos and Brienne all look like they’re seated in Winterfell’s great hall, and none of them look thrilled. Sansa definitely has a lot on her mind:

But the more interesting photos are the ones of Brienne and Davos, because in both of those, you can see Unsullied soldiers standing against the back wall:

Our bet is that this is the scene where Daenerys introduces herself to the assembled lords of the North and the Vale, and based on the faces in these pics, the mood is tense. With the Unsullied soldiers penning everyone in, it would pretty much have to be, and note that they’re wearing their armor and helmets. Remember: many of these lords probably fought Dany’s father back during Robert’s Rebellion, or lost family in that war. They’ll probably need some convincing before they’ll follow her, and that’s before anybody deals with Jon Snow’s little secret.

Speaking of that…