Bella Ramsey was “shocked” we liked her performance as Lyanna Mormont


You might not know it by the fiery speeches she throws at seasoned warriors thrice her age, but Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey was filled with doubt when it came to her performance as the indomitable Lyanna Mormont. “I was petrified when it came out, as I was expecting people to hate what I’d done and not like Lyanna,” the now 16-year-old Ramsey  told Metro UK. “I was scared I’d be received in a bad way. I was very shocked people liked my performance.”


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Ramsey also admitted that she never watches her own scenes, even after Lyanna turned into a fan favorite. And while Ramsey didn’t give us anything on season 8, she did say she’s kept in touch with some of her former castmates, most notably Kit Harington (Jon Snow). “He always said [to go to him] if I want some bad advice, but I don’t think his advice is bad!’ she laughed.

"When I went to the Baftas I asked him about live interviews, what advice he would give, and he said “just be yourself and don’t try to say what you think people want you to”. That’s the best advice you can give."

Outside the show, Ramsey’s approach to life mirrors that of her no-nonsense character. “When Game Of Thrones came out lots of interviews were coming in and people asking me to do certain things which would push me out there,” she said. “Like this whole Instagram and Twitter thing, getting more followers doesn’t bother me at all.”

"I held off from doing interviews, because I want my life to be my own. I think we could have pushed it more and I could have been more of a celebrity, but that isn’t something I wanted to do."

Before she returns as Lyanna in the final season of Game of Thrones (meep), you can see Ramsey alongside Doctor Who alum Billie Piper in Two For Joy, where she plays a “boisterous attention-seeking firecracker” working through the loss of her father. We’re in.

Two For Joy is set for a digital release on February 25. Game of Thrones returns April 14.

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