Funko unveils new Arya figurine, HBO Shop adds more Game of Thrones merch


In preparation for the 2019 Emerald City Comic Con (March 14-17), Funko has revealed an all-new Arya Stark figurine. She’s modeled after Arya’s look in season 7, complete with shoulder cape and Needle. Also, this new Arya will be an ECCC exclusive, so you may need to travel to Seattle to get it. Check her out:

Also in March, the HBO Shop is showing off new figurines and items that appeared at the 2019 New York Toy Fair this past weekend. Let’s sample a few, starting with Daenerys Targaryen during her time in Astapor, holding the whip the Masters used to control the Unsullied:

Can’t decide who you want to sit the Iron Throne at the end of season 8? Funko’s got you covered with a suite of figurines, all of them sold together for $129.75:

I’m definitely digging this 4D puzzle of Westeros and Essos for $69.95. Look at how some of the important castles and cities stand above the board:

Everybody deserves to be queen for a day; live the fantasy with this replica of Cersei Lannister’s crown. Yeah, it’ll cost you $249.95, but can you put a price on the feeling you get after you’ve incinerated your enemies and also you’re kinda drunk?

Ah, and here’s Arya with her Valyrian steel Catspaw dagger and Needle in hand. Littlefingers of the world, beware. This one will run you $25.95.

There’s loads more to look through at the HBO Shop, so just hit this link and open your wallet. Soon, all the new Game of Thrones merch will be sitting on your shelf gathering dust with the rest of your collectibles impressing your friends and family.

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