A Song of Dan and Josh: Jon I (A Clash of Kings)

Jon Snow season 1. HBO
Jon Snow season 1. HBO /

It’s time for another episode of A Song of Dan and Josh, where myself — someone who’s read the Song of Ice and Fire books too many times — and Josh Hill — who’s never read them — walk through each and every chapter of George R.R. Martin’s magnum opus, breaking them down to see what makes them tick, and what makes them special.

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This week, we’re diving into Jon I from A Clash of Kings. What does Martin have for us upon our return to the Wall? Begin babbling…now:

There was a lot of recap and setup in this chapter, but it was still good fun. I’d like to take an especial opportunity to salute Donal Noye for so eloquently foreshadowing the coming conflict between the Baratheon brothers. Also a shout-out for Sam, who nerds out over a 600-year-old inventory about fish. I guess that’s how nerds amused themselves before the internet.


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