A Song of Dan and Josh: Catelyn I (A Clash of Kings)

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This week, we’re tackling the second Tyrion chapter from A Clash of Kings. Let’s get to it!

This chapter is all about decisions. Is Robb making the right ones? Is Catelyn? How do you solve a problem like Rickard Karstark? How do you solve a problem like Theon Greyjoy? How do you solve a problem like Jaime Lannister? Is there any real solution to the questions Robb and Catelyn have to answer here? They do their best, and we judge them from the safety of our chairs in the real world. Join us!

Also, the description of Robb’s crown is totally awesome.

Next up is Tyrion II! Finally, we’re getting into the twos…Watch us break it down live at 4:00 p.m. CST this upcoming Wednesday on our Facebook page!

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