Here’s why Yara Greyjoy isn’t in those new Game of Thrones images


Just lately, we’ve been hit with an avalanche of new Game of Thrones content. The season 8 trailer is the new star of the show, but not long before that, we got a suite of season 8 images, posters featuring characters sitting on the Iron Throne, and Entertainment Weekly cover spreads. Game of Thrones has a huge cast of characters, and most of them were somewhere in the mix.

But not all of them. There were a few notable absences. Neither Tormund Giantsbane nor Beric Dondarrion were featured in any of these promotional images (although they’re both in the trailer). Bronn is nowhere to be seen, nor is the indomitable Lyanna Mormont. Gendry, Qyburn and Podrick Payne all show up briefly in the trailer, but they’re nowhere to be seen in the posters or images.

And also Yara Greyjoy. When last we saw the character, her evil uncle Euron (who does get his won poster, FYI), was marching her through the Red Keep after defeating her armada at sea. At the end of season 7, Theon vowed to lead the few Ironborn soldiers still loyal to her in a rescue attempt. But Yara was nowhere to be seen in the promotional material (she’s not in the trailer, either; none of the Greyjoys are, which you can interpret how you see fit). Was HBO trying to tell us something?


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Kansas City Royals Slugerrr Game Of Thrones Mascot On Fire Dragon Bobblehead

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Happily, no. Actor Gemma Whelan has revealed on Twitter that she didn’t miss the photoshoots by choice, but because of other gigs and because she’s busy raising her new baby. (Anyone who looks at her Instagram can find ample proof of that.)

That’s good to hear, because Yara’s been with the show a long while and I’m looking forward to her being a key part of wrapping up the seasons-long Greyjoy family drama. I wish she’d had her own poster, but as long as she and Theon take down Euron in season 8, I’ll get past it.

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