HBO unveils another chilly Iron Throne somewhere on the planet Earth—Find it and win a prize!

Once again, HBO has revealed another one of the six Iron Thrones it’s hidden around the world as part of its Quest for the Throne promotion. Each of these are just waiting for someone to come along, sit down, and be rewarded with a fancy crown.

So far, four of these suckers have been found, with multiple people planting themselves on the latest just the other day:

The new throne, naturally, is in a dark and snowy place:

As usual, HBO has uploaded three 360-degree videos of the throne, so hopeful hunters can pan and swirl around it looking for anything they might recognize. We’ve got views of the ice throne at dawn…

…during the day…

…and at dusk:

Fun side note: pan a little to the left and you’ll see that HBO has jammed one of the White Walkers’ ice swords in the snow next to the throne. Does that help anyone?

Anyway, this has been a fun project, although I wonder if HBO contemplated that fans would find these thrones so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that they pulled the curtain back on the first of six thrones, and now there’s only one that remains a complete mystery.

I’m sure someone will find the ice throne before long. Claim your crowns, Game of Thrones fans!

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