10 ways Game of Thrones could end

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For close to a decade, we’ve put in our time on Game of Thrones. We’ve watched and rewatched, anxiously anticipating what awful and glorious events awaited in the next episode. We’ve endured Ned Stark’s betrayal, the Red Wedding, and even the arrival of the Sand Snakes. Suffice it to say, Game of Thrones has put us through a lot.

As such, we deserve a killer ending. Fans have spent years speculating how the show will end, and we’ll finally get some answers when the eighth and final season premieres on April 14.

Will the finale live up to the rest of the series? Will it turn out that fans predicted the show’s ending long ago? Who will survive and who will die? We have so many questions.

In light of all this, we’re taking a look at a few of the ways that the series could end. Some of these suggestions are plausible but terrifying, some promise the happy ending we deserve and still others are outlandish but fun. How will this crazy story wrap up? We don’t really have any idea, and frankly, that’s how we like it, but here are 10 ideas nonetheless.