Game of Thones: What kind of ending will Game of Thrones give us?

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Hello, Throners, and welcome to another edition of “Game of Thones”. Yes, I’m going to keep calling you “Throners” until someone gives me a better shorthand name for “Game of Thrones fans.” I’m not going to type four words over and over again. If you have better nicknames leave them in the comments below. Now let’s talk about the Game of Thrones ending!

The wait for the final season is almost over. This Sunday, we’ll finally get to see what happens in Episode 1 instead of just reading about it in leaks. I’ve always been more of a visual learner, anyway.

Nobody knows just what is going to happen this season or how the show will be. We recently recorded an episode of the Take the Black podcast where we discussed shows that had controversial or dark endings that might be similar to what we get on Game of Thrones. These were some of my favorite examples of shows with an ending that wasn’t what the fans wanted, but probably what they needed.

Obviously, SPOILERS for those shows follow.

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