Prophecy and wine: Is Cersei Lannister actually pregnant?


We have a lot of questions after the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere. Whaddup with the burning symbol from the Night King? What is Jon Snow going to do with the new information about his parentage? Is Bran ever going to get tired of sitting out in the cold and staring at passers by? And is Cersei Lannister actually pregnant or what?

We all recall when Cersei told Jaime she was carrying his baby in season 7. It’s part of the reason Tyrion trusted she’d come north, because she had “something to live for.” However, even back then, fans wondered if she was faking it to pacify Jaime, who was then freaking out about the danger Daenerys’ army posed to their rule. Or maybe she lost the child between seasons? Let’s look at our options.

Faking it theory

This theory harks back to the fundamentals of Cersei’s manipulative personality. Fans were quick to point out back in season 7 that Cersei seemed to overtly lead Tyrion to the conclusion that she was with child. It felt like a manipulation tactic and, if it was, it was an effective one. Tyrion walked away from their encounter firmly believing that Cersei had changed and he made plans with the Northerners accordingly.

Is this theory fully plausible though? It doesn’t feel very likely, mostly due to an interaction Cersei had with Jaime during the final episode of season 7. As she let him run off to Winterfell, it definitely felt like she had transferred some of her love for him to love for their unborn child. That, coupled with her baffling refusal of wine and her secret meetings with Qyburn, lead me to believe that she was most likely pregnant for at least a short time.

Miscarriage theory

This theory is largely rooted in the premiere episode scene where Cersei shares her bed with Euron Greyjoy. Many fans have noted that she seemed to have tears in her eyes after he made a comment about putting a prince her belly. She’s also drinking wine, which isn’t out of character for a low-key addict like Cersei but doesn’t fit with her refusal to drink at the end of season 7.

Also, we can’t help but notice that she isn’t showing. Since we left her, Euron went across the Narrow Sea and back. Surely that took a bit of time.

The miscarriage theory seems to be the prevailing idea among Game of Thrones fans. It would fall in line with Maggy the Frog’s predictions for Cersei’s future. When young Cersei asked if she and the king would ever have children, Maggy had answered “Six and ten for him and three for you.” Cersei has clearly already had three. . . this could spell out the end of her childbearing years.

Still pregnant theory

This theory is based on Cersei’s willingness to sleep with Euron Greyjoy. After having denied him repeatedly (she even reiterated her marriage terms during the season 8 premiere), she changed her mind. Perhaps she thinks she can keep his alliance if she tricks him into thinking Jaime’s baby is his, repeating the strategy she used on Robert for many years.

However, her wine consumption and Maggy’s theory lead me to think that even if she is pregnant right now, she won’t be for much longer.

All this being said, we’d be stupid to underestimate Cersei. Maybe she’s pregnant, maybe she’s not, but she’s proven time and again that she’s a master at manipulating the system to get what she wants. Only time will tell whether we’ve got another little Joffrey on our hands before the throne is won.

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