Fashion is Coming: The costumes of “Winterfell”

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The long-awaited eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has begun, and though “Winterfell” was mostly about setting up what’s to come, we got some character reunions we’ve wanted to see for years. There was also plenty of meaning behind the smaller components of the episode. Every detail seemed to be taken into consideration, including the characters’ costumes.

Overall, the clothing on Game of Thrones appears to be darker and heavier this season. Most of the characters are sporting black and brown cloaks and dresses, probably because winter has arrived and everyone is cold. But the shift also feels like it represents where the series is headed. The show is in a much darker place than it’s ever been, with the threat of the Night King finally an immediate reality rather than a far-off hypothetical. It makes sense for the show’s aesthetic to mirror that.

The design choices for individual characters also have significance, highlighting both who they are now and who they used to be. Let’s take a look at some of the most important costumes from “Winterfell” and explore why they stand out.

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