“The Long Night” viewership breaks record for Game of Thrones and HBO


As usual, a lot of people watched the new episode of Game of Thrones this past Sunday. How many? Per Variety, “The Long Night,” which featured the show-stopping Battle of Winterfell, drew 12.02 million for its initial broadcast on HBO. That puts it just below live viewership for the season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” which clocked in 12.07 million viewers. Can Game of Thrones break that record with its final three episodes? We’re looking at you, untitled series finale.

If you rope in HBO GO and HBO NOW, viewership for “The Long Night” expands to 17.8 million viewers, which is a record, for Game of Thrones and for HBO. The most recent episode of an HBO TV show to hold that title was the GoT season 8 premiere, “Winterfell,” which collected 17.4 million viewers across all of HBO’s platform on its first night out. Since then, it’s climbed to over 38 million viewers.


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San Francisco Giants Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon Bobblehead

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“The Long Night” is also the most tweeted-about scripted TV episode of all time, so HBO is breaking records all over. (Although I’m curious that every outlet reporting that qualifies that it’s only scripted TV we’re talking about, so I assume there’s some unscripted show that was tweeted about more. Not sure which one, though. I’m gonna guess some kind of Bachelor.)

So in conclusion, a lot of people watch Game of Thrones. How was your day?

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