See the concept art and storyboards behind “The Long Night”


HBO has released this week’s Beautiful Death art piece by Robert M. Ball. This episode had a lot of deaths, so as you can imagine, this piece is packed with content. Check it out:

I like that Arya’s Valyrian steel dagger dominates the center, with the different deaths fracturing out to the sides. Theon’s face changing into a wolf is super neat. He was, after all, more of a Stark than a Greyjoy. On the bottom from left to right, we have Beric Dondarrian’s “Jesus” pose, Daenerys cradling Heartsbane after Jorah’s death, Theon, Khal Qhono, and Dolorous Edd. Up top, we have Viserion and Melisandre. At the very bottom we have Winterfell itself, and the line, “Not Today.” Robert Ball just keeps getting better with each episode.

Over at HBO’s Making Game of Thrones blog, the network is putting the weapons and armor used in the episode on display. Check out Gendry and his dragonglass mace.

There’s also a post that shows off the storyboard for the scene where Arya kills the Night King. Here are the final moments:

Interestingly, it looks like Arya is holding a dragonglass dagger in the storyboard, not her Valyrian steel weapon, but obviously that was corrected for the episode itself.


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Finally, there’s some absolutely gorgeous concept art for the episode:

Check out the Making Game of Thrones blog for even more insights into the beginning of the planning process for “The Long Night.”

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