Screencap Recap: “The Last of the Starks”

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Welcome to this week’s Game of Thrones screencap recap. Today on the chopping block: “The Last of the Starks.” And hey, you’ll be able to see all the images this time! So let’s pick up Ghost from the roadside where Jon left him and get started.

Even in death, all Ser Jorah got was a peck on the forehead. Man, the friendzone is a cruel place.

“I can cry better than her.”

“Here, take this Hand of the Queen in the North pin with you. I had it made just in case I became Queen…in the North. Obviously, it’s a limited edition.”

“Man, it is really starting to get rancid out here.”

“Who said that?!”

“Oh come on, you know it was one of them.”

“Gonna make me a wolf pelt one of these days…”

“Hey Jon, I’m right here! I made it through a Dothraki charge that killed everyone but me and Jorah…for a while! Hey…HEY JON! RIGHT HERE! HEY!

And then there was feasting.

“Are you Gendry Bastardatheon?”

“Ummm, depends on who’s asking…”

“You’re now Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End. Now gimme all your troops.”


“The last three didn’t work out so well.”

“Good job babycakes…erm, sorry, aunty babycakes.”

The actual f**k did he just say?

And they partied on…