Who died in Game of Thrones “The Bells?”


Well, that just happened. Tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Bells” saw many, many characters die in all sorts of horrible ways. So, who died? Well, we’ve got the list for you right here, but mind the spoilers…because, duh.

The first death came early on in the episode, as a despondent Daenerys realized Varys had betrayed her. She did tell him in season 7 that she would burn him with dragon fire if he ever betrayed her, and she held true to her word. There was a very touching moment between Tyrion and Varys before Drogon burned the Spider to a crisp. This episode was full of touching moments like that.

Next, and in no real order, Harry Strickland bit the dust. But, I mean, come on folks, the guy was a throw-away character that had almost next to no screentime and then was obliterated when Dany and Drogon blew through the front gate of King’s Landing. My only regret was that his horse was killed in the process…and in a pretty horrific way. WHAT DOES THIS SHOW HAVE AGAINST HORSES?


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Euron Greyjoy — the cartoon embodiment of what I imagine a real pirate would have looked like — finally met his end at the hand of Jaime Lannister. However, Euron delivered two devastating blows to the Kingslayer, ensuring that even if he and Cersei had escaped the city, Jaime probably wouldn’t have made it much further.

Speaking of Jaime Lannister, he and his sister/lover/baby-momma Cersei, both died as they came into this world: in each other’s arms. Yes, it was sad, and yes for a few fleeting moments I actually felt bad for Cersei, but she shouldn’t have backed out of the alliance, she shouldn’t have had Rhaegal killed, and she DAMN Sure shouldn’t have had Missandei executed. Still, though, Jaime and Cersei’s death was sad, and it leaves Tyrion as the last surviving Lannister.

Now let’s talk about the death of Qyburn, Cersei’s Hand of the Queen and the man who brought Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane back to life. How ironic was it, then, that it was the Mountain who killed Qyburn? And what a horrific death that was, with his brains being knocked out of the back of his skull. Poor Qyburn, he was loyal to his Queen to the very last.

CLEGANEBOWL GET HYYYYYYYPPPPEEE! Yeah, I’ve been waiting to yell that at the top of my lungs for eight seasons now, and it feels pretty f**king good to do it. The Hound and his evil brother the Mountain finally met for one last battle and it did not disappoint.

For a bit, I didn’t think the Hound would be able to overcome his brother’s almost impenetrable armor, but when he ripped Gregor’s helmet off and then plunged his sword into Gregor’s chest, the armor came off, and the Hound had his targets. Ultimately, the brothers went off the side of the Red Keep and into the fire. Sandor, poetically facing his lifelong fears before death, and Gregor falling from the same building he scaled to kill Elia Martell and her children during Robert’s Rebellion.

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