Game of Thrones Screencap Recap: “The Bells”

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Game of Thrones Episode 805, “The Bells” didn’t really offer any moments of levity, but thanks to yours truly, I think we can find some fun amidst all the fire and destruction and death. Let’s get started.

We start with Varys writing a letter.

“Hello mother, hello father, here we are at Camp Dragonstone…no that doesn’t rhyme.”

“I am so tattling on Varys.”

“Act casual, Your Grace. Little Lord Kiss-Ass is watching us from up there.”

“Wait, Sansa told you about me?”

“Well, I mean, she might as well have. She told Tyrion and that’s like posting it to Facebook.”

“Your Grace? What’s that smell?”

“Oh…oh my gods, when’s the last time you bathed?”

“When I still had two dragons.”

“So, a week then?”

“I lost track after Missandei. Anyway, who do I have to burn to a crisp to get some aspirin?”

“Momma’s got one hell of a hangover…”

“…and the only cure might be to burn some fools.”