The Stark siblings get loose behind the scenes at the Dragonpit


One of the key scenes of the Game of Thrones series finale happened at the Dragonpit, where an assemblage of lords and ladies picked a new king and decided what to do with the prisoners Jon Snow and Bran Stark. “That was five days in Seville, and by the end of it we were just exhausted,” Sophie Turner (Sansa) told The New York Times. “And we were wondering when we were going to wrap, because we didn’t know if it was going to be three days or 10 days or however long. So every time they cut, I would just start crying because I thought it was the end, and then I’d have to bottle it up again and shoot another take, and another take and another take.”

That was, indeed, the last scene Turner filmed. It sounds incredibly emotional.

Well, yes and no. While it was a trying time for Turner, there were some moments of levity, too, as she proved on her Instagram:

Arya chilling behind some sunglasses, Bran revealing his bare and entirely functional legs, and Sansa vaping up a storm. This is probably the best behind-the-scenes Game of Thrones shot ever.

Although there are competitors:

"[Spoilers] Kit is a man of many talents. from gameofthrones"

Poor Maisie Williams, having to wear pants when everyone else can soak in the heat.


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Anyway, it’s good to see that the cast allowed themselves to goof off a little on what must have been trying days. In the end, it was the moments of camaraderie that Turner thinks she’ll remember the most. “Every night we would all meet up — crew, cast, everyone — at the bar and have drinks and just chat and laugh, and it was just a family,” she said. “I’ve never felt such a strong bond with a group of people in my life; I know that they’re going to be my family forever. I had father figures on the show, like the camera man and the grips and the props guys. Brotherly figures — hundreds of them.”

“We were stuck in the mud and the rain for 10 years together. It’s hard not to bond with those people — I think that’s what I’ll take away the most.”

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